“…Living out righteousness is no less than creating a holy, beautiful, sacred space for glory to grow.”  Dr. Dan Allender


Human beings were created for connection. My first priority with every client is to build a warm and trusting relationship in which the client feels valued and understood.  My therapeutic approach is to provide a safe environment for transforming painful emotions and patterns that keep clients disconnected and stuck in unhealthy relational dynamics.  I work from an attachment framework, which means that emotional safety and relational closeness are prioritized.  My work with couples emphasizes repairing broken bonds and cultivating the joy of intimacy in its many forms. In addition, many clients find that their faith is a powerful component of their healing.  I enjoy exploring spiritual issues with clients who are interested in doing so.


Experienced as a healthy living coach, I am also passionate about helping clients discover the physical and mental benefits of exercise for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Indeed, I have been known to be an “exercise evangelist!” I developed curriculum for various YMCA groups designed to move members past emotional blocks on their wellness journeys.  Befriending the body while healing emotional pain is a theme that runs throughout my clinical work. Rediscovering the joy of movement is one way of connecting to the goodness of our bodies. For clients who are interested, sessions may include such things as yoga or “walk and talk” therapy. For all of my clients, exploration of lifestyle factors impacting emotional health are part of the therapy process.


Holistic (whole person) healing approaches offer tremendous hope for integrating all the parts of our selves that we have lost.  As we explore the intersection of our stories (including stories of trauma and loss), our strengths, our relational patterns, and the impact on our bodies,  we stand to reclaim all that makes us uniquely beautiful and human. I am honored to walk with each client on this journey of discovery.






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