Relationship Health and Attachment

Attached:  The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it Can Help You Find–And Keep–Love, Dr. Amir Levine & Rachel Heller

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, Dr. Sue Johnson

Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection, Sharon Salzberg

Created for Connection: The “Hold Me Tight” Guide for Christian Couples, Dr. Sue Johnson & Kenneth Sanderfer

Safe Haven Marriage:  Building a Relationship You Want to Come Home To, Dr. Archibald D. Hart & Dr. Sharon Hart Morris

How We Love:  Discovery Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage, Milan & Kay Yerkovich



Emotion Coaching for Parents–Free handouts and video links for coaching your child (and yourself) to through difficult emotions

Parenting from the Inside Out:  How a Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help you Raise Children Who Thrive, Daniel Siegel, M.D. and Mary Hartzell, M.Ed.

Brainstorm:  The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain, Daniel Siegel, M.D.

Growing With:  Every Parent’s Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in their Faith, Family, and Future, Kara Powell & Steve Argue (resources for raising children to be competent eaters)

Betrayal Recovery

Intimate Deception:  Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal, Dr. Sheri Keffer (2018)

Moving Beyond Betrayal:  The 5-Step Boundary Solution for Partners of Sex Addicts, Vicki Tidwell Palmer

Shattered Vows:  Hope and Healing for Women Who Have Been Sexually Betrayed:  Debra Laaser

Emotions, Trauma, and Personal Healing

Working with Emotions

It’s Not Always Depression:  Working the Change Triangle to Listen to the Body, Discover Core Emotions, and Connect to Your Authentic Self, Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Anchored: How to Befriend Your Nervous System Using Polyvagal Theory, Deb Dana

The Cry of the Soul:  How our Deepest Emotions Reveal Our Deepest Questions about God, Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Tremper Longman (videos on empathy and emotions)

The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness, Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, and Jon Kabat-Zinn


The Body Keeps the Score:  Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD

Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body, Peter Levine, Ph.D

The Wounded Heart, Dr. Dan Allender (Recovery from sexual abuse and trauma)

Healing and Spirituality

The Soul of Shame, Curt Thompson, MD

Anatomy of the Soul, Curt Thompson, MD

The Gifts of Imperfection:  Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are, Brene Brown, Ph.D., LMSW

The Gift of Being Yourself: The Sacred Call to Self-Discovery, David G. Benner

Soulful Spirituality:  Becoming Fully Alive and Deeply Human, David G. Benner

To Be Told: God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future, Dr. Dan Allender


A Gentle Approach to the 12 Steps, Patrick Carnes

Living Well

The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression Without Drugs, Dr. Stephen S. Ilardi

Spontaneous Happiness:  A New Path to Emotional Well-Being, Dr. Andrew Weil

Meditation for sleep:

Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Heal
Your Mind & Heal Your Chronic Pain, Dr. Kelly McGonigal

The Wisdom of Menopause:  Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change, Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom:  Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing, Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Food/Eating

This is Your Brain on Food: An Indispensable Guide to the Surprising Foods that Fight Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, OCD, ADHD, and More, Dr. Uma Naidoo, MD,

Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food (Revised Edition), Jan Chozen Bays, MD

Mindful Eating on the Go:  Practices for Eating with Awareness Wherever You Are, Jan Chozen Bays, MD

Guided meditations for mindful eating:

50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, Susan Albers, Psy.D.

Intuitive Eating:  A Revolutionary Program that Works, Evelyn Tribole and Elise Resch

The Intuitive Eating Workbook: Ten Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food, Evelyn Tribole, Elise Resch, and Tracy Tylka

Non-diet eating and exercise approaches:

Recipes and non-diet healthy eating approaches: (resources for raising children to be competent eaters)

Meditation and Mindfulness for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Mindfulness–Free Websites (Christian contemplative practices for working through emotions)  (w/links to Kansas City class offerings) (Toronto)

Meditation for stress, anxiety, and depression:

Online yoga classes and seated meditations:

Mindfulness–Books and CDs

Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness, Jon Kabat-Zinn

Real Love:  The Art of Mindful Connection, Sharon Salzberg

The Mindful Way through Depression:  Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness,  Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Books for Runners

Mindful Running: How meditative running can improve performance and make you a happier, more fulfilled person, Mackenzie L. Havey (2017)

Running and Being: The Total Experience, George Sheehan, M.D.

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. Quick-Fix Recipes for Hangry Athletes, Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky (Recipes, running philosophy, healing principles, and non-diet approaches to enjoying food)

Global Interests

Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion, and Truth in the Immigration Debate, Matthew Sorens and Jenny Yang

The Girl Who Smiled Beads:  A Story of War and What Comes After, Clemantine Wamariya and Elizabeth Weil

Video Links