Food, Nourishment, and the Healing Journey, Part 5 — Journaling Exercises


Journaling Exercises

When taking the courageous step to reclaim and honor your body, many feelings will arise. Destructive patterns of thinking may threaten to block your progress. Journaling your feelings and thoughts surrounding food and emotional triggers can be helpful. Pull out your journal when you are tempted to restrict your food intake. Consider the following questions and write down your thoughts or share with a trusted confidant:
Are you feeling out of control somewhere in your life?
Does dieting help you feel more in control when other areas of your life seem to be spiraling?
Are you avoiding steps you need to take in those areas?
Has something triggered you to take on inappropriate guilt or shame?
What does restricting food promise you?

Similarly, when you are drawn to isolate yourself and/or overeat, sit down with your journal:
What is churning within you?
Has something triggered anxiety or fear?
Is there a relationship issue you are avoiding, a hurt your do not want to fully feel?
Is there a deeper longing that you do not want to face?
What comes up as you allow yourself to sit with the emotions/hunger?

Slowing down to examine your emotions and behavioral responses will help you sort through your triggers. Mindfully approaching food choices, eating processes, and the emotions surrounding both is essential to healing. Learning to trust and honor your body is foundational in nourishing yourself.
May God bless you, guide you, and surround you with loving support as you begin to reclaim your dignity and honor as a wonderfully made creation.
…I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14


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